Vodka : Premium Vodka : IS Vodka


ÍS VODKA… is ultra smooth, yet conceals a tantalizing hint of fire to allure even the most refined palate. It exemplifies the ultimate combination of exceptional ingredients presented in an exquisitely designed decanter. For those seeking an extraordinary culinary complement or quite simply an adventurous ‘Mixology’ experience… ÍS VODKA is pure luxury.

SEVEN TIMES DISTILLED… to ensure unrivalled quality and consistently exceptional taste. Crafted from the finest non-genetically modified English wheat then blended with the finest distilled water, complemented with a hint of Icy cool, Icelandic water.

OUR MASTER DISTILLER … … is world renowned for his experience in producing the finest white spirits of the world. IS Vodka is 7 TIMES DISTILLED for the unrivalled quality and exceptional taste you deserve. IS Vodka starts with a tantalizing hint of fire, and leaves a lasting impression of pure smooth luxury.

OUR DECANTER … … is made from the highest quality glass, each IS VODKA decanter is covered in icicles, sparkling with sliver, and topped with a dazzling crown.

SERVED ON THE ROCKS, … or in the hands of a Mixologist, we call it PURE LUXURY.

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Vodka : Premium Vodka : IS Vodka